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The 10 Week Pre-Approval Game Plan:

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  • The Flawless 10-Week Game Plan to Increase Conversions From Current Leads. In order to turn more leads into customers, you have to understand the value of the leads you already have. You'll learn how to stop chasing every new lead you get, and focus on putting more energy into the ones who already know, like, & trust you.
  • Key Data To Utilize From Your Closings. To be able to successfully close more clients, you need to look at the data you already have. Learn what metrics to look for and how to turn those metrics into a guide that leads to impressive results.
  • Top-Performing Lender Tactics & Downloads. Do you currently have a coach telling you the steps you need to take to be top-performing? In this webcast, you'll get to learn from CORE Coaches who are experts in the business, have used these exact tactics to achieve their goals, and are now ready to spill their secrets so you can be successful too.